People and culture


Foster leadership based on our values and principles to build a prosperous future.

The organisation’s growth and the recruitment of people from different origins and cultures have provided us with rich diversity that reinforces our investment in integration and our commitment to people.

Taking this scenario as a benchmark, we have developed a uniform, identifiable and unique leadership style at Importaco, which is based on applying our values and showing exemplary behaviour. Leaders at Importaco are:

  • Inspiring. They are the benchmark and create an environment of trust and freedom that encourages
    the transfer of knowledge and teamwork. They know how to get the most out of people, so they
    can take advantage of all their potential. They convey what they want to achieve with enthusiasm,
    support other people and make them feel they can attain it.
  • Facilitators. They understand and recognise their group’s individual needs and balance them to get
    the best out of each individual to reach goals. They tolerate and manage errors as an element in the
    learning curve. They drive forward a culture geared at permanent change, convinced that there is a
    better way of doing things, by encouraging integrated innovation.
  • Demanding and thorough. They take a firm attitude to the attainment of goals by setting deadlines and demanding results. They study and know the data of the activity they carry out, use it to take decisions and convey this information
    to their team. They manage all their collaborators fairly and they perform their work in an exemplary manner.
  • Motivating and participatory. They inform and give feedback to their team about their performance and guide them towards excellence and professional and personal growth. They are intellectually curious and foster ideas and project proposals, and also back debate and reflection to take measures that improve results.R
  • Respectful and inclusive. They take into consideration the dignity of all people and relate to them in a polite and respectful way, providing them with suitable guidelines for their work or the improvement of their attitude. They express pride in forming a team with their collaborators, in addition to sharing the company’s achievements and success to make them feel part of said achievements and success.
  • Non-conformists. They take an attitude of permanently seeking progress by broaching new ways of doing things and new challenges to overcome. They convey optimism in the company’s future, enthusiasm for the projects to be carried out, courage when resolving difficulties, determination to follow the right path and focus to know what the goal is.