The busines Bebidas Naturales is focused on the national retail market, with Mercadona as exclusive client, through the brands Agua de Cortes, Agua de Bronchales, Font S’Aritja, Font Teix, Agua Doy and Refrescos Minerales, which makes us the third business group of Spain regarding mineral water, with a business volume of 626 million bottled litters and 81 million bottles produced, whose turnover reaches 56 million euros.


Currently, there are 17 different products of Agua de Cortes and Agua de Bronchales to satisfy our customer’s needs due to our range of mineral water which have different characteristics and properties, from low mineralization to very low mineralizaton water.

Bebidas Naturales

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  1. Agua de Cortes
  2. Agua de Bronchales
  3. Font Teix
  4. Font S'Aritja