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About us / Corporate Business

Corporate Business

Importaco is an international food company, which provides a wide range of products and services from its three businesses; dried fruit and nuts, mineral water, and energy.

The company, which is the leader in the manufacturing, production and distribution of dried fruit and nuts, desiccated/dehydrated fruits, snacks, and dried fruits and nuts with chocolate coating, was founded in 1940 and began its life in a production and distribution center in Beniparrell, Valencia.

Over the last 76 years it has successfully adap­ted to the market situations, the industry, its clients and consumers: a fact that can be clearly apprecia­ted by its continuous growth and its wide range of products and services.

Currently, Importaco has a total of 13 production and logistical centers, 11 offices, 5 sales branches. 1 training center and 1 technology center. With its international distribution, it has become the most important dried fruit and nuts distributor in Spain, and one of the most important in Europe, with a particular sensitivity in healthy and wholesome food and in the quality of the products, becoming a market leader due to its excellence in innovation. A clear example is the fact that Importaco focuses its international activity in companies based in China, California, Argentina, Turkey and Poland.

2015 Annual Report


To be a leading Company in the Spanish market and a benchmark in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) area, basing our management in our business values of trust, rigour and participation, which are shared by our employees, suppliers and client partners, in order to create an international group capable of competing in specific markets with integrated efficiency.


Importaco is a Company open to the outside world. Our international focus can be seen through the location of our production plants, as well as through our commercial and marketing activity internationally.