Cookies Policy

IMPORTACO uses cookies to improve the visitor experience in our websites and we have published a new cookies policy. We will explain what cookies are and how we use them on our websites.


What is a cookie?


Cookies are small les, containing a string of letters and numbers, and stored occasion- ally in your computer by the websites’ servers. They allow the website to provide you with a unique identier. Cookies cannot be executed as code and they do not contain viruses to access your hard drive. So, it is not possible to access the information in your hard drive, even though cookies are stored on it.
This website uses rst- and third-party cookies to provide you with a better experience and service. While visiting or using our services, you agree to their use. You may change the “cookies” conguration anytime.


Use of cookies
The data generated through cookies in IMPORTACO web pages may be used for different purposes, including:


– Strictly necessary uses: These cookies are essential so that you can browse through our website and use all functions, such as access to secure areas in the website, shop- ping list history, saving the stages in your order process.
– Performance: Cookies gather information about how visitors use a website, for exam- ple, the pages the visitors browse more often or the error messages they receive. These cookies are used to improve the website in future versions, improve the user ex- perience and also improve the website performance reducing the loading time.

– Functionality: These cookies allow the website to track the decisions you make when accessing, such as your username or language, and provide a better user experience, guarantee a coherent interface and guarantee your security when login.

– Focusing and advertising: These cookies are used to deliver the most relevant content for you and your interests.

We do not allow third-parties to advertise on our website, but we cannot control the ad- vertisements allowed by the ISP while you use your internet browser.



Types of cookies


This Website uses both Session and Persistent cookies. Session cookies store data only while the user browses the web, and persistent cookies store data in the device for its use in multiple sessions.

Depending on the nal use of the data stored by the cookies, the Web may use:


– Technical Cookies

These allow the user to browse the web or app and the use of the different options or services. For example, to control trac and data communications, to identify the session, to access restricted areas, orders history, to request the registration or participation in an event, to use the security items and to store video or sound contents.


  • – Customize Cookies

These allow the user to access the service with some preset general characteristics or customized by the user. For example, the language, the browser to access the service, the content design chosen, device geolocation and regional conguration of the access country or area.


  • – Advertisement Cookies

These allow the ecient management of the advertisement displays included on the website or app. They also make it relevant for the user and avoid showing ads already seen.


  • – Statistics Cookies

These allow tracking and analyzing the users behavior. The information gathered by this kind of cookie is used to measure the activity in the website, app or platform and to make browsing proles of the users, in order to improve the service according to the users’ data.


  • – Third-party Cookies

Some webpages may install third-party cookies to manage and improve the services. For example, Google Analytics statistical services.



Cookies in use


  • – Cookie Owner Name: Google Analytics__utma
    Objective: This cookie is usually set on the rst visit. If you manually delete the cookie, it will be created on the next visit, with a different ID. In most cases, this cookie is used to count the unique visitors in the website and it is updated with every browsed site.
    Kind: Third-Party
    Window: 2 years


  • – Cookie Owner Name: Google Analytics__utmb
    Objective: This cookie is used to establish or continue an user session in our website. When a user visits a page in our site, the Google Analytics code updates the cookie.
    Kind: Third-Party
    Window: 30 minutes


  • – Cookie Owner Name: Google Analytics__utmc
    Objective: This cookie used to work with _utmb cookie to determine whether a new user session should be established. Nowadays it is no longer used, but it is still on to keep backwards compatibility with theurchin.js and ga.js codes. Session Cookie.
    Kind: Third-Party
    Window: End of session


  • Cookie Owner Name: Google Analytics__utmt
    Objective: This cookie is usually not present unless we use the option setVar () in the Google Analytics code. The cookie _utmt transfers the information towards the setVar() method, which creates a specic segment for the users
    Kind: Third-Party
    Window: 2 years


  • – Cookie Owner Name: Google Analytics__utmz
    Objective: Saves the information about references used to reach the website, whether it is directly, through a reference link, a web search, a marketing action or an email. Calculates the traffic from web searchers, from marketing actions and from our own site
    Kind: Third-Party
    Window: 6 months


  • – Cookie Owner Name: WordPress Cookie PHPSESSID
    Objective: Encrypted language PHP uses this cookie to allow the SESSION variables to be stored on the web server. These cookies are essential for the proper performance of the website.
    Kind: First-Party
    Window: End of session



Cookies administration


The user has the option of allowing, blocking or deleting the cookies installed on the de- vice using the Setting options in your browser.:


To set the cookies permissions in Google Chrome:

– Click on the menu located on the toolbar.
– Choose “Settings”.
– Click on “Show Advanced Options”.
– On “Privacy” click on “Content settings”.
– On “Cookies” you may congure the settings.


To adjust the cookie permissions in Mozilla Firefox:

– Open the Menu.
– Choose Settings.
– Click on “Privacy and Security”.
– On the “Cookies and Site Data” you can choose the settings you prefer.

*More info about Mozilla Firefox.


To adjust permissions about cookies in Microsoft Edge:

– On the Menu, click on “Settings”.
– On “Privacy, search, and services”, you may choose the tracking settings. – On “Cookies and site permissions”, you can manage the cookie options.

* More Info about Microsoft Edge

You may know more details about how to use cookies on the Help button on your brows- er, or visit, which provides detailed information about cookies management in the most popular browsers.

Some browsers may congure specic rules to manage cookies on the website, which offers a more precise control about privacy. This means you may disable cookies on every site but the trusted ones.