Top quality products for a healthy lifestyle

We are committed to innovation to improve the food safety and nutritional profile of our products, thus contributing to healthy and conscious eating with a positive impact on people’s health.

About our products

Dried fruits and nuts: ideal allies for a healthy and sustainable diet

Mineral water, a form of natural hydration with multiple benefits

Our challenge: to be an international benchmark in innovation and healthy eating

360º Quality Model

The 360º Quality Model ensures that we obtain safe, nutritious, and healthy products. We apply research, emerging technologies, and a multidisciplinary perspective to offer maximum traceability and food safety.

Corrective Quality

We continuously assess and improve quality through process control and customer service. We have the best monitoring technology to guarantee the reliability and specialisation of each process. We analyse our products using 150 parameters, 25% of which are related to food safety. Our team manages and analyses customer recommendations and audits to implement improvements and guarantee the technical characteristics of the product.

Preventive Quality

AWe apply strict quality and food safety protocols at all stages of the value chain through the Agricultural Integration and Quality at Origin projects, based on knowledge exchanges with farmers and suppliers. In addition, our production processes are certified by the international food safety and quality standards BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and IFS Food, and by verification systems such as kosher and halal.

Exploratory Quality

Through Exploratory Quality, we investigate the application of new technologies with the aim of finding solutions to the challenges we face. We are committed to continuous improvement to develop open innovation projects in which, through technology centres and start-ups, we carry out a cross-sector study to assess the capacity of consolidated technologies in other fields and emerging technologies.

Predictive Quality

Predictive Quality is our emerging line of work. Through this, we apply intelligence to on-line and at-line data and multivariate analysis to predict product behaviour and reduce deviations. To achieve this, we have annual process and trend reports on critical quality characteristics, as well as continuous monitoring systems through the quality cells.

Know our PROA Plan
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Culture of Excellence and PROA Plan to achieve maximum product quality

Our PROA Plan aims to promote a culture of excellence to achieve top quality products, promoting initiatives such as the detection of individual contributions, the product-person tandem and cells of excellence. Through multidisciplinary teams organised into cells of excellence, we address challenges related to quality, raw material selection and product preservation, with the aim of achieving excellence in production.

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