Leadership and people development

We believe in the talent and creativity of our teams, made up of people with a spirit of excellence, emotional intelligence, and initiative, who develop their talent in a collaborative, diverse and dynamic way within the company.

About Us

+2300 people

22 nationalities

51% women

42 average age

Equality and Development Principles

Inspiration to optimise the full potential of our teams

Our teams work in an environment of trust that encourages knowledge transfer and teamwork. We want people to reach their full potential and feel that as a team they can achieve whatever they set out to do.


Constant learning to achieve integral innovation

We foster a culture that promotes change and innovation where continuous improvement and learning are essential to find new ways of doing things. Understanding and recognising the individual needs of each person allows us to harmonise the team and achieve our objectives.


Rigour for transmitting knowledge throughout the company

Knowledge is the basis of our decision making and through its transmission we make the teams grow. This is our differential value and what motivates us to apply new methodologies on a daily basis.


Participation of people in the growth of the company

We encourage curiosity and the participation of our team in shared projects to encourage personal and professional development and provide the consumer with a unique experience.


Integration to ensure diversity

Every person is different and that enriches us as a company. Each year we recruit new talent from different backgrounds and cultures, and this gives us new perspectives within the company. Every shared achievement motivates us, and we all contribute to achieving the challenges we set ourselves.


Non-conformism allows us to progress and address challenges

We are constantly looking for new ways of doing things, working on the basis of excellence, and relying on the team to solve the difficulties that arise. Our determination and enthusiasm make us unique, as well as the courage and optimism we feel about the future of the company.

Life at Importaco

Developing your career at Importaco will give you the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment where innovation, sustainability and excellence are present in every project.

Ongoing training

Ongoing learning and training ensure that our teams are constantly growing. We offer continuous training plans that are linked to your job and to the development of skills such as leadership and emotional intelligence.

Professional development

We encourage internal promotions so that everyone can develop and multiply their potential within the organisation. To do this, we promote equal opportunities and carry out development plans both in terms of skills and knowledge


We are a global company in which you can work in international environments and learn every day. Our diversity is a strength that makes our corporate culture unique.

Transparency and dialogue

We all contribute to improving the organisation through collaboration on transversal projects. In this collaborative environment, we measure our work climate and organisational culture, and we have wellbeing plans that are aligned with our purpose.

Social Action

We generate positive impact in society

Human Rights

People must be treated fairly and equitably.

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