20 Nov, 2020

Importaco Chocolates gets the UTZ Certification to use Certified Fair Trade Cocoa in our products. UTZ is a Cocoa sustainability program in which companies collaborate with farmers so that their products have maximum quality and they take care of people and the environment.This certification is a guarantee, for the consumers, that the well being of farmers and the sustainability of the product are improved.

The development of quality plans in all stages of the chain allows the total integration of the consumers expectations. Importaco Quality at Origin Programme intends to collaborate with our direct providers creating a shared quality and food safety programme, allowing the standardization of the product characteristics and its processing.

Importaco is committed to respecting human rights in our activities, as well as the international standards established by the International Labour Organization and OECD. Our Social Compliance Programme was created in 2012 with the objective of working together with suppliers to improve working conditions and help protect the environment.

Our programme is implemented globally, applying due diligence criteria to avoid any non-compliance. Its scope has been defined according to the characteristics of the countries in which our suppliers carry out their activity. To evaluate each country’s level of risk, we use the national Human Development Index defined by the United Nations Development Programme.

The code of conduct has been signed by 67 suppliers, who have committed to respecting human rights, the principles of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and Importaco environmental standards. In addition, four-pillar SMETA audits are also conducted to verify compliance. These audits are mandatory for suppliers operating in countries deemed to be at higher risk. A total of 45 audits were carried out in 2019.