Importaco certifies the energy management in four production centers

07 Feb, 2022

Importaco has certified its Energy Management System under the ISO 50001 standard in Nuts, Dried Fruits, Microwavable and Semi-industry Factories.

The certification of the Energy Management System (EMS) enhances the pace our company began four years ago, towards the systematization of the energy resources efficiency, through the implementation of continuous improvement systems and the Energy Policy.

The main benefits that the EMS provides are: cutting the CO2 emissions, reducing the impact on the planet, and recognizing the commitment to sustainability of all the people in Importaco, and being part of the solution facing climate change.

This certification is part of the Energy Saving and Efficiency Plan of Importaco, aiming to reduce direct emissions by 20% in 2023, and consolidate the efficient management of the energy resources so that our production is more sustainable every day.

ISO 50001 standard has been implemented integrated in ISO 140001 standard, thus backing the commitment of all levels of the company reducing the environmental impact and complying with “Real Decreto 56/2016” that aims to promote energy saving actions.

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