Importaco Convention: a moment of sharing

30 Jan, 2021

XXVIIIth Importaco Convention offered the chance to review the milestones of 2020 and the projects for 2021. This major corporate event represents a moment to share the objectives achieved and the goals to attain. This year’s event was broadcasted live to over 250 people in 10 countries.

In this pandemic year, Toño Pons, the President of Importaco, unveiled the results of 2020 and shared the priorities for the current year: measuring to make better decisions, focusing to reach our objectives and living with passion to activate the intentions. During his speech, he highlighted the commitment every employee has shown for these months, team working to fulfill the needs of all interested parties.

Pepe Domingo, Andrés Gallén and Riccardo Calcagni performed the business analysis. Their presentations showed the results in every business and market, stressing the most important projects intended to meet the clients’ needs. Besides, Teresa Cercos disclosed the advances in Quality within the PROA Project; and Irene Moreno transmitted the company commitment with the Sustainable Development Objectives to all attendees.

Through this convention, Importaco has shown its commitment to transparency and the importance of observing the team achievements. Therefore, the company is hoping for an in-person convention next year, so that all the teams meet face to face with each other.

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