Importaco deploys a new energy management system at its almond production plant

06 Oct, 2020

Importaco deploys a new Energy Management System to monitor the energy savings achieved at its almond production plant in Vall d’Alba (Castellón). This investment will help the production site to detect unwanted energy consumption, assess the energy efficiency of the installations and track the progress made with the energy reduction targets.

Within this project, the company has installed many devices to analyse and measure the most relevant points of energy consumption so as to learn the state of the installation in real time. This system is also equipped with software to control the reduction of energy consumption and costs.

As for the work done towards saving power through the energy management system, it is worth mentioning the monitoring of energy consumption and the control of residual consumption. These two areas include actions to eliminate power consumption outside production hours, the replacement of lighting by controlled and dimmable LED technology, the synchronising of production lines and the integration of temperature controls in cold-storage rooms. So far, the energy savings achieved are 81,650 MWh.

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