Importaco nuts achieves ISO 45001:2018 certification

05 Oct, 2021

Importaco have had its 10 nuts work centers certified with ISO 45001:2018 rule. Nuts, Dried Fruits, Popcorn, Food Service, Snacks, Chocolates and Almonds Factories, as well as Headquarters and Office Building in Barranco St.

This rule certifies our Occupational Health and Safety Management System aiming to guarantee that our workplaces are safe and healthy, also preventing any injuries and health impairment. This standard mainly combines two key areas: the protection to the workers’ health and the management of the employees’ safety in the workplace.

Achieving the ISO 45001:2018 certification comes as a result of the effort and the colaboration of all teams involved in the audit that took place last may 2021.

Importaco keeps reinforcing the commitment with the health and the safety of all workers.

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