Importaco reduces carbon emissions by 10% from 2018 thanks to the energy efficiency measures

18 Jan, 2021

  • The reduction represents a direct decrease of 3,360 CO2 tons and 9,250MWh since 2018.
  • Thanks to the energy efficiency measures, Importaco has quit emitting more than 1,700 CO2 tons every year.
  • Besides, 100% of the electric energy consumed comes from renewable sources, avoiding the emission of 15,000 CO2 tons a year.
  • The investment in energy efficiency measures is over 700,000€

Importaco defined its Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan in 2018, which lays down that energy consumption comes from renewable sources and the plans to reduce the energy consumption. Thanks to the implemented energy efficiency measures, the consumption in the factories has decreased by 10%, therefore, Importaco has quit emitting more than 1,700 CO2 during the production processes. Since 2018, these measures have avoided the emission of 3,360 CO2 tons and have saved 9,250MWh.

The Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan gathers the keys to use energy in a more efficient and responsible way. Its main guidelines are: the optimization of the use of energy resources and increasing the technical, economical and environmental sustainability of the factories. To begin with the Strategic Plan, Importaco has carried out energy audits in every factory to understand the energy consumption performance and to identify the potential areas for improvement.

Electric energy from renewable sources

The electric energy consumed by Importaco comes from renewable sources, which has avoided the emission of 15,600 CO2 tons a year, reduction equivalent to the effect of 31,200 trees. Importaco owns photovoltaic plants generating 1,155 MWh during last year. One of the most remarkable investments in this area is the installation of 765 photovoltaic panels that provide energy to solar pump irrigation systems in Importaco Terra almond farm.

Implemented Measures to manage energy responsibly

The investment in energy efficiency exceeded 700,000€. The biggest investments have been assigned  to improve the efficiency of compressed air, air conditioning and lighting equipment, since they are responsible for 60% of the total energy consumption.

Besides, thanks to the support of IDAE and IVACE, Importaco has implemented energy management systems in ten[i] factories to control consumption in real time and correct any diversions.

Energy efficient products

Importaco has systems to know the energy consumption of every product, which allow us to create energy efficient recipes. With projects, such as “Spanish Almond Life Cycle Analysis”, our company has evaluated the carbon footprint of the product and its environmental impact. It is produced in our factory in Vall d’Alba (Castellon) and in there we have a biomass boiler that produces over 4,000MWh thermal energy a year.


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