Importaco is committed to reducing the emissions by 20% in 2023

01 Jan, 2023

Importaco is committed to reducing emissions by 20% in 2023, thanks to the new Energy Efficiency Strategy. On the occasion of the World Energy Efficiency Day, Importaco presents this strategy, aligned with the road map set in the EU European Green Deal, in which the company sets the following goals: reaching 5 production centers with zero emissions; boosting the launch of sustainable products; achieving an energy saving over 10%. All these plans will add up to more than €1M.

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to the human well being. With this energy efficiency strategy, Importaco boosts the efficient use of the resources to achieve a clean economy, invests in environmentally-friendly technologies and guarantees the creation of eco-efficient centers.

The strategy includes the consolidation of the energy management system, thanks to the ISO 50001 certification and to the promotion of the renewable energy use, in order to advance towards decarbonization and self consumption. Besides, the company will provide training about sustainability and energy efficiency, so that every person contributes to an efficient use of the resources, both in and out of the organization.

This strategy adds up to the achievements reached during the 2018-2020 period, in which Importaco attained a reduction of 10% in its emissions, and has quit emitting more than 1,700 CO2 tons in the production processes. As a starting point of the Strategic Plan, Importac conducted energy audits in all production centers to better understand the energy consumption and to detect the potential areas of improvement. These efficiency measures have allowed avoiding the emission of 3,360 CO2 tons and an energy saving of 9,250 MWh until 2020.

“With this Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, we are investing in environmentally-friendly technologies to advance towards decarbonization of our centers. We are boosting the efficient use of natural resources and sustainable development”, has emphasized Toño Pons, president of Importaco.

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