Signing of the agreement to create the entrepreneurship program Importaco – Universitat de Valencia

04 Nov, 2021

This agreement solidifies the synergies emerged during the Gennera Program and will create a learning space, specialized in intrapreneurship, aimed for students at the University.

Universitat de València rector, M. Vicenta Mestre, and Importaco President, Toño Pons, have signed the agreement to create the Entrepreneurship Program Importaco – Universitat de València, that will create a new learning space, specialized in intrapreneurship, for the students at the university.

This program is one of the outcomes of the Gennera Program, that took place from November 23 until December 4, 2020, an initiative of UVemprén aimed to train students for entrepreneurship with an organization, providing a real experience that creates innovation opportunities for companies and students.

The agreement consolidates the synergies that came out during that program and will provide the students with an open learning frame that will promote university innovative initiatives and experiences, supporting a transforming training, connected to the regional production environment.

To achieve this aim, the Entrepreneurship program will host conferences, seminars and workshops, both national and international wide, with the participation of renowned professionals, promoting entrepreneurship among students, especially in innovation projects. The students will perform entrepreneurship practices, they will also receive technical business advice, among other activities.

Adela Valero, vice-rector in Occupational and Training Programs, and David de Esteban, Importaco People and Values Corporate General Director, took also part in the event.

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