Spanish almonds soil management and sustainable development objectives

17 Jun, 2021

Importaco, committed to sustainability, collaborates with over 300 farmers through the good farming practices programme in order to maintain the quality of the soil, which are included both directly and indirectly in several Sustainable Development Objectives. The soil has a crucial role in reducing the effects of climate change.

Our work managing soil begins in the winter dry season and goes on during the irrigation season in spring. Our over 300 collaborating farmers focus on the fruits, trying to keep away the fungi, which grow thanks to the water and the hot temperature during daylight, so that they do not steal the water for the plants.

Therefore, in dry areas without an irrigation system, we add local organic matter enhancing the development of life in the soil, raising the beneficial microorganisms level, incorporating nutrients that will help the development of the fruits and will balance the optimal structure avoiding compaction. Besides, we avoid the development of adventitious plants on the soil, which would compete with the youngest plants for the soil resources, hosting and hiding possible plagues such as the aphids or the red spiders.

Nevertheless, in irrigated fields we opt for superficial reaping and to apply specific treatments only in non accessible areas for the machinery, incorporating to the soil the vegetal remains that will be used as a protection and also as a fertilizer.

The objective is guaranteeing a healthy lifestyle and stimulating the well being of consumers, preventing soil from pollution and degradation, enhancing food safety and promoting sustainable agriculture.

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