Sustainability, one of Importaco’s commitments

07 Dec, 2023

One of the most important aspects of Importaco’s professional activity is our broad and solid commitment to sustainability. Under the title “Green Company“, we have integrated sustainability into all areas of our business, establishing three fundamental pillars: Green (Planet), Health (Product) and Social (People). These pillars are the foundation of our strategic approach and guide our actions and specific projects.

In the Social (People) pillar, we are committed to improving the quality of life of all people associated with our company. We achieve this by promoting a diverse and equitable organization, respecting and promoting human rights, and adopting sound ethical principles.

To do this we have implemented a number of key initiatives, such as the Social Compliance program, the Code of Ethics, the Equality Plan and the Health and Safety Policy. We have also established a strategy that aims to promote stable and quality employment. Our People and Values Department is dedicated to ensuring employee wellbeing and creating a safe and healthy working environment.

In the Health (Product) pillar, we work to provide responsible, affordable and high-quality products. This includes taking environmental, health and trend criteria into account in their development. We have carried out projects aimed at improving product formulations to meet the health demands of today’s society.

These include formulating new products with fewer additives, salt, sugar, and fat, eliminating allergens and assessing the life cycle of products to reduce their environmental impact. These initiatives are complemented by our 360º Quality Model, which guarantees the product safety and nutrition, as well as providing transparent information on the ingredients used.

As well as the Social and Health pillars, we have a Green (Planet) pillar to reflect our commitment to protecting the environment under the slogan “producing more with less”. We have involved all members of the organization in the circular economy, reducing the consumption of natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions.

sustainable importaco pillars

Measures for adapting to and mitigating climate change

Our Sustainability Committee is working to establish a roadmap to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI). Our plans of action include ongoing improvements in energy efficiency, staff environmental awareness, sustainable water management, measures to adapt to climate change and the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices. We have also drawn up a roadmap aimed at achieving climate neutrality through decarbonization.

We continue to work on our sustainability strategy with the aim of addressing social, product and environmental aspects in a holistic manner, with a firm commitment to making a positive contribution to society and the planet in the long term.

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