The production plants of Importaco casa pons renew their ISO 14001 certifcation

10 Aug, 2021

The ISO 14001 Certification allows Importaco to demonstrate the commitment assumed with the protection of the environment through the management of the environmental risks associated with its activity.
ISO 14001 is the reference standard for the implementation of an Environmental Management System that specifies the auditable requirements for certification purposes. With this certification, Importaco affirms its responsibility with the environment and with the reduction of its impact on the environment, becoming a sustainable company.
ISO 14001 identifies requirements for effective management of environmental risk, considering prevention and protection of the environment, legal compliance and socio-economic needs. It is an essential tool for companies and organizations that want to gain greater trust from customers, employees, the community and society as a whole. This vote of confidence comes from the voluntary demonstration of commitment to continuous improvement of environmental behavior.

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