Friday 17 of September, 2021

Importaco has reached a total of 1680 acres (680 Hectares) on its peanut own farming project in Argentina, resulting in over 3,417US t. (3,100 tons). The project is part of the Farming Integration strategy aiming to produce raw materials with the highest standards in quality, food safety and sustainability.

This Project began in 2017 and has allowed the company to increase the control and the knowledge of the supply chain. Besides integrating all farming stages, it allows the product traceability from the farm, as well as the implementation of good farming practices focused on the maximization of the quality, the reduction of the defects and the detection of the emerging risks.

Regarding sustainability, Importaco partners the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI Platform) and has implemented practices to reduce the environmental impact of farming, such as: plagues and diseases integrated management, the use of precise machinery and soil care practices.

Importaco yearly collaborates with over 450 farmers managing over 2 Townships (19,800 Hectares) in Spain, Argentina, China and Turkey. The products included in this program are peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, corn and pumpkin seeds. With these agreements, we can transfer the consumers’ expectations to the technical farming parameters, so we can guarantee food safety, quality and sustainability.