Thursday 16 of September, 2021

We have started a plan on sustainable mobility to boost the use of electric vehicles in trips from one workplace to another. The objectives of this plan are reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and their emissions, improving the workers’ health and introducing the use of renewable energies.

The project has begun with the installation of 9 charging stations distributed in the following centers:

  • CFS (Beniparrell, Valencia)
  • Chocolates (Chella, Valencia)
  • Sunflower Seeds (Sagunt, Valencia)
  • Agua de Cortes (Cortes de Arenoso, Castellón)
  • Agua de Bronchales ( Bronchales, Teruel)

This project is a step forward towards the commitment of Importaco with environment and innovation. Thanks to this project, by every kilometer made in an electric vehicle, we will reduce 2.7L. CO2. Soon, we will inform you about the policy of use of the stations.