Environmental sustainability
Environmental sustainability

Sustainable Supply Chain



Collaborating directly with farmers serves to help us establish strategic alliances with the primary sector, minimise risks associated to farming and promote local development.

The implementation of good agricultural practices in the cultivation of our products is essential to attaining excellence in the long-term supply of raw materials:

  • We make sustainable use of chemical products and meet food safety standards right from the cultivation stage, to prevent microbiological contamination by allergens or genetically modified organisms.
  • We ensure the supply of raw materials by obtaining maximum farm yields and attaining stability in the quantities harvested.
  • We assure quality from the cultivation stage by using certified seeds and performing suitable sowing practices.
  • We make efficient use of resources, so the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.
  • We improve the profitability of farms to ensure long-term supplies and make sure farmers receive a fair price for the products they have grown.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Contribute to the fight against climate change through the responsible use of resources and emission reductions.

Making efficient use of resources is necessary to achieve sustainable development that is respectful to the environment.
At Importaco we believe we have the responsibility to protect the environment in all our activities by carrying out projects which limit our environmental impact.

That is why we monitor the entire consumption cycle at our production centres and set continuous improvement targets. All these actions allow us to reduce our emissions and contribute to the fight against climate change.

  • We consume energy from renewable sources by purchasing it and integrating renewable energy facilities at our production centres.
  • We raise people’s awareness about the importance of making responsible use of energy by promoting new consumption habits and taking a proactive attitude.
  • We are aware of our consumption and the energy efficiency indices of the production centres in order to continuously improve our performance.
  • We apply energy efficiency criteria to all the projects carried out, including the ones aimed at improving existing processes as well as projects dealing with new implementations.