Importaco increases its turnover thanks to increased specialization, quality, and sustainability

21 Jun, 2022

The results for the 2021 financial year indicate an increase in our turnover of 9% year- on-year, reaching €721.7 million in turnover. This data reflects our ongoing expansion in European markets, partly represented by the acquisition of Besana.

Our President, Toño Pons, explains that “our activity in the food market continues to grow thanks to our plans to specialize in healthy food. During this year, our team of professionals has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the uncertain situation we are experiencing, and this has enabled us to achieve great results”.

This transformation has brought with it values such as quality, sustainability, and specialization. We have made investments of more than 19 million euros, which have been allocated mainly to production centers, 60% to quality, efficiency, and specialization projects and 40% to commercial development, digital transformation, people and sustainability.

We have implemented the PROA Project and the 360º Quality Model as part of our commitment to the culture of excellence, whereby we have carried out 70 food safety audits in 25 countries and more than 31,000 analyses in sensory, physical and chemical parameters in our Technology Center.

New food products thanks to R&D

We are constantly working on research and development to reach new markets and satisfied customers. In 2021, we have invested €6 million to launch 176 new products for sectors such as retail, foodservice, and industry.

We have a clear purpose: to improve people’s health and well-being by focusing on sustainable, quality food. Find out how we do it.